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Mock Sash & Case Windows

Mock Sash & Case Windows

If you live in a flat or a building with more than one level and find opening sash and case windows awkward or difficult - but need to retain the look of a sash and case window in your property our Mock Sash and Case windows offer the solution.

T.J Ross easy to open dual pivot window system or stepped casement windows which look like a mock sliding sash window from the outside and are easy to clean from the inside but will in no way affect the look and authenticity of the window.

What makes our pivot window system unique is that the upper and lower windows can be opened individually as well as turning 360 degrees to give you safe access to both sides of the glass for ease of cleaning from within your home.

For more advice and guidance on the most appropriate mock sash and case window style for your property telephone 01337 860318 or email us today.

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